Member Login Key Reminders and Instructions:

*Beginning Monday, April 9th The Sandbar will only offer Dinner Service Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
Marker 36 is OPEN 7 days a week for Dinner Service.

Hello and Welcome Back!
To ensure a smooth process in submitting dining reservations for Marker 36 and Sandbar, here are a few key reminders to consider before booking.
* Reservations for the same day:
Please call restaurants directly: Marker 36 at (239-592-5722) and Sandbar at (239-597-2781). The online reservation does not accommodate same day reservations.
* Reservations for the next day or up to 30 days:
The online reservations are available to book for up to 30 days in advance.
* Reservations between 30 and 90 days:
Please call the restaurants directly: Marker 36 at (239-592-5722) and Sandbar at (239-597-2781).

* New Renters, New Rental Agreements and Purchases:
If you're returning this year, and have entered into a new lease agreement (even if it is the same residence), your member number has changed. Please use your current member number to create a new account to utilize the online dining portal. 

* Did you lose your member card and get a replacement card in Member Services?
If you recently lost your member card and Member Services reissued a new card, your member number has changed. Please use your current member number to create a new account to utilize the online dining portal. 

All first time users will need to register in order to access the members only area. To do so, click on the Member Registration link at the bottom of the page and enter your Member Number, First Name (you may have a middle name or middle initial and also may be with or without a period) and Last Name exactly as it appears on your member card.

Once you have registered and validated your account you will be asked to create your own Username and Password. You will only be asked to do this once. For detailed instructions, please click here.

If you've forgotten your password, please look below and choose the Reset Password option. The next page will ask you for your email address you entered at signup and once you click Reset Password it will send your password to your email address.
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